General Questions

Q: A vegetarian restaurant in Wisconsin? Really?

A: Absolutely! And an ethnic, vegan-friendly one at that!

Q: Hey, didn't you guys used to be a lot closer to Minneapolis?

A: Yes. The Vegetarian was located in Columbia Heights for many years. Now we like to hang out in St. Croix Falls full time.

Q: So why did you move all the way to St. Croix Falls?

A: Well, it's beautiful up here! And there were all kinds of boring business-related things.

Q: How come your restaurant doesn't have Indian-themed pictures on the walls or any Indian-themed decorations?

A: We display art created by local artists on our walls - these are usually for sale by the artists. But there are some elephants on the fireplace if you want that Indian flair.

Q: Do you cater?

A: We do! Please give us a call and we can work with you to ensure you have enough food for your event.

Q: Do you serve gluten-free food?

A: We do! Jessica understands and is sensitive to your needs. All of our entrees are inherently gluten-free, as are all dosa and utthapam. We must advise you that, although these dishes are gluten-free, they may have come in contact with some gluten while being prepared. Jessica has been fine so far and her epipen has not been needed.

Who's Who

Q: Who are all those people you mention on the welcome page?

A: Can we go one at a time? Having them all in one answer will make it long and messy.

Q: Ok, who is Ashok?

A: Ashok is, well, it's his place. He's also the guy making most of the food. From scratch, we might add.

Q: Who is Teresinha? And is that an Indian name?

A: Teresinha is Ashok's wife. Teresinha and her name are from Brazil.

Q: Who is Jessica?

A: Jessica is Ashok and Teresinha's oldest daughter. When not at the restaurant she is putting her advanced degrees to use. She is a doctor!

Q: Oh I know, Anamica is that guy I always see working at the restaurant, right?

A: No, that's Ali. Anamica is Ashok and Teresinha's youngest daughter.

Q: So where is Anamica anyway?

A: Last I heard she was in Hawaii studying to be a marine biologist.

Indian Food Questions

Q: Isn't Indian food terribly spicy?

A: It can be, but we are aware that we are located in the midwestern United States. We can prepare our dishes to be as spicy or mild as you like - just let your server know.

Q: What is a "Curry"?

A: Curry is actually a generic term. There is no signular answer to this question, really. A curry dish can be wet or dry, and can contain many variations of spices. One thing we will say is that you won't find any generic "curry powder" at our restaurant.

Q: What is a "Korma"?

A: A korma is a dish which has been braised in water. It usually has cream or coconut milk added later on to create a unique sauce.

Q: What is a "Tandoor"?

A: A tandoor is a clay oven that leans somewhat sideways. Food can be cooked by hanging a pot inside the oven. Breads are baked by "sticking" them directly on the sides of the oven. Yes, we stick our arms inside really big ovens.

Q: How come you guys don't have fortune cookies?

A: What.